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Mona Meretsky

Meet one of South Florida’s most respected corporate planners


CREATING MEMORABLE MEETINGS, conferences and blowout bashes for clients including the National Hockey League, Johnson & Johnson, Detroit Diesel and BankAtlantic keeps Mona Meretsky constantly busy. When she’s not on a job, she can often be found speaking about the event industry at events in and out of the country.

Title: President, COMCOR Event and Meeting Productions

What she plans: Corporate events, meetings and incentive programs

Staff: Three full-time employees and a group of freelancers

Where she grew up: She was born in Miami Beach and grew up in Southfield, Mich.

Where she lives now: Fort Lauderdale

Claim to fame: “We pride ourselves on doing one-of-a-kind meetings and events,” says Meretsky.

What are some of your biggest events?
We did the National Hockey League’s 4,000-person Saturday night V.I.P. event celebrating All-Star weekend and the Stanley Cup luncheon. Another big one was for six divisions of
GE Capital where we built a home on behalf of the charity Habitats for Humanity.

Which annual event do you enjoy most?
During the Miami International Boat Show we do four events back to back with a different theme each night for Detroit Diesel.

From where do you draw inspiration?
From everywhere. You must always keep your eyes and ears open.

What is something people in the industry should know about you?
I love to share ideas. So many people are afraid of idea stealing, but everyone puts their own spin on a common concept. I give my ideas freely in hopes that others will do the same.

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Why do your clients choose you?
People hire me because of comfort level. I know what they want and they know that I can give them what they need. It’s all about pleasing the client and giving great service.

How has the economy affected your events this past year?
We haven’t seen over-the-top parties like we used to. People don’t want to appear to be spending frivolously.

How do you make an event effective when budgets are going down?
We work with vendors on all levels who’ll do a great job no matter what the budget.

Are there drawbacks to having a reputation as a high-end firm?
As budgets decrease, people tend to think they can’t afford us. Give us a chance to bid on the job, you might be surprised.

How do you keep yourself engaged in your work?
By being involved. You have to stay active. I enjoy the industry so much. You must have a passion for the business. There’s a lot of stress and pressure.

What are some trends in event style?
Color as opposed to themes.

How do you measure an event’s success?
First, by the oohs and ahhs. Then by hearing people talk after the fact. And finally, if the client feels they got value and remembers the event long after it’s over.

Why are you successful?
I am very honest. I try to surround myself with good people. I want to bring value to my clients and give the best customer service. You do your best for your client no matter what.


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