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But Can We Get it in the Ballroom?

by Mona S. Meretsky, CSEP

BallroomWhy can they send men to the moon, but not design space that is user-friendly for both special event producers and meeting planners? It should be simple. Just make sure the doors are wide enough, the ceilings are high enough, the freight elevator is large enough and the power strong enough to handle the everyday requirements of people who do what we do.

Hiring the most creative, well-known and well-respected architect does not necessarily mean that the new hotel's ballroom, conference center's meeting space or the convention center's exhibit hall has been well thought out. Usually the space is striking in design, but is it functional? Are such venues losing business without realizing why?

After working in the events industry for 26 years, it never ceases to amaze me what has not been included in either new or redesigned event space...

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