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COMCOR Consulting Services, Inc. ("CCSI") was founded in 1999 by Mona S. Meretsky, CSEP, who felt that the knowledge garnered during her quarter of a century  in event and meeting production could be used to assist others in the industry. CCSI is a full-service firm that, since its inception, has been called upon to market venues and events; strategize in the space planning and design of new event facilities; and train staff for corporations who wanted to bring their event and meeting planning 'in-house.' CCSI's experience offers a distinct set of advantages that will benefit any corporation:

 A well-respected event related consulting firm
A client base which includes small to large, private and public, local, national and
   international corporations
Experienced in branding and positioning venues among target consumers, businesses and
   potential investors
 Seasoned staff with over 40 years of corporate experience
Highly creative approach to client service coupled with an unrelenting commitment to
   excellence and a determination to obtain desired results on every project

In addition, CCSI can bring together a team of industry experts with expertise in the following areas: entertainment; audiovisual; lighting design and special effects; food and beverage services; decor; space planning and design, safety, etc. This extensive network of professionals includes those who are local as well as those in both the national and international arenas.

CCSI is a division of COMCOR Event and Meeting Production, Inc., an award-winning producer of special events, incentive programs and corporate meetings for the past 31 years.


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